Tricks to Keep the Children’s Room Ordered And Gain Space

Let’s see some tricks that I always recommend to keep tidy the children ‘s room and also gain some space. _ I’m going to teach the best containers for your bedroom, some ideas to store toys and furniture further practical that you can place in your room. Let’s go to it!

How to keep the children's room tidy


Sounds logical but many times we forget the most basic. if you want that your son starts dressing _ alone you will have that give him the facilities to do so. Is say, put the clothes on your height so that can take them alone Do the same with shoes, pajamas, or space to store toys.


if it is the child who chooses their own furniture be further easy to use them correctly. Before buying anything you can give him the to choose between several models or colors _ take him shopping for the boxes with you and leave that the place he same . to measure that buy furniture and decide together that going to save on it. So you will get that I win autonomy, and confidence, that learn to drink decisions already made responsible for their things.


advise you that use this standard with our children, about all if you have trouble getting rid of your toys. the norm consists in that each time that we bought a toy new another old one has to leave. of this manner will have always the same number of objects and will not accumulate so much. will also get used little by little to become what _ he no longer uses, what will come to him very well in the future.


Exactly equal that you do for yourself same you must remember your _ son where goes each thing. uses labels big, colored, or even drawings. Here you let some Examples of perfect labels for them.

Take advantage of all the space

Some ideas to take advantage of every last corner of the children ‘s room. Look at these tricks to save dolls, cars, stuffed animals, and more junk. I tea taught these tricks so that you get inspired, but if you miss his imagination sure that have something by house that can reuse.

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