Times have changed and we need to adjust to a new way of life; Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Maid on Call is implementing safety measures,  we are taking extra precautions so we may continue to do our best to stop the spread.

We want you to stay safe and healthy, so we are working to improve our service to make that happen. We have reviewed our processes and enforced some policies:

  • we have improved the organization of the team, avoiding unnecessary interactions between staff.
  • We have limited the number of people in the car, and it is mandatory the use of facemask while traveling
  • We practice social distance rules and the mandatory use of facemask while being in every place, as well as the use protection equipment and products such as gloves and sanitizing products
  • We have trained the team providing a check list
  • We are daily monitoring our team health condition, Maid on call have a strict policy requiring any staff member experiencing any cold or flu symptoms to stay home
  • We always use newly laundered and sanitized supplies, so germs are not spread from home to home
  • Our vacuums, attachments and other re-usable supplies are disinfected and sanitized between clients
  • Teams are provided antiviral and antibacterial Hand Sanitizers to use regularly
  • To ensure social distancing, we request that clients are either away from their home or isolated in a particular room during the cleaning.  A reminder is sent to our clients before each visit. We also ask our clients to cancel the appointment if they have any suspicious, they might be sick
  • Our company vans’ interiors are daily sanitized