How to clean your mattress

Have a bed clean and disinfected is essential for health and good sleep. It is a place
very important to our rest and tranquility. Over time, the mattress goes staining and
deteriorating, affected by dust, mites and dirt and sweat that we detach, it is not enough
just to wash the bed sheets weekly, the mattress has to be cleaned from time to time to
avoid the appearance of mites, stains and germs. Here tea we left some tips to clean it
in depth.

Remember that, for any stain, the most important is Act fast. So you’ll get top results .
First , use the vacuum cleaner to remove all residual dirt . and although seem that you
mattress this clean , you we suggest all shapes suck it up each time that change the
sheets , remember that the mattresses accumulate dust and mites that are invisible to
our eyes.

For stains superficial, easy to remove, mixes Dishwasher (you we suggest the
dishwashers dawn) with water, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and with a cloth
absorbent go rubbing about the stains, in this way you can remove dirt and absorb
excess liquid. go rinsing the cloth from time to time . Also can wear some Oxiclean stain
remove and do the same process. Finally, clarify with a cloth wet and leaves dry. Make
sure the mattress be 100 % dry before repositioning the sheets.

for stains further complex , you can repeat the same above process , but after spraying
the mixture or applying a stain remover , sprinkle baking soda about the stain and leave
it rest for at least a couple of hours . Bicarbonate tea will help remove better the stains
and neutralize odors. After a couple of hours, remove the remains of bicarbonate, you
can use the vacuum cleaner for this.

Other method is apply water oxygenated with a sprayer by the entire surface of the
mattress and leave Act by about 20 or 30 minutes. Then you clear it up with a rag wet
and leave dry.

Tips for maintaining your mattress:

Clean it thoroughly at least twice a year.

Change the bed sheets as minimum a once a week

Don’t make the bed barely tea get up first ventilate with the windows open, in this way
sheets and mattress are oxygenated.

Uses a it covers mattress to protect and avoid that the stains get to him. these are
more easy to clean already that you can put them in the washing machine .

When make the bed , shake the sheets and the pillows to avoid the proliferation of
dust mites .

Remember than life useful of the mattress is about 10 years.

With these tips and products keep you mattress clean and spot free!