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A house free from clutter, debris and dust – that's the definition of clean. Maid on Call was establish since 2012, after working on the sales business for 20 year my courier give a 360 degrees turn after a minor stroke, the years of travelling and stress to achieve targets as a sales manager pass me the bill, A friend of mind introduce me to the cleaning field, she convince me to start a small business and since I had nothing to lose but to gain experience on other fields, I said “YES” to the challenge, our ways follow different paths, but I stay on the business and I am happy to said that we continue growing , Maid on Call knows all too well what cleaning involves and how to turn your home into a sparkling sanctuary where germs fear to tread! You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “A floor so clean you can eat off of it.” Our affordable cleaning services in provide nothing short of this exceptional level of clean, leaving your home spotless after each and every visit. I provided affordable cleaning services and our commitment to cleanliness starts with our dedicated staff. and about 300+ satisfied customers (and growing!), we are confident that our home cleaning services are the best in the residential cleaning industry.
Our training process equips our maids with proper techniques for sanitary, hygienic and healthy cleaning. With every job, our maids go above and beyond what is expected of them and produce quality customer service with hygienic results. We work in the old-fashioned European style of cleaning and every single one of our cleaning service employees are insured and bonded. When it comes to Maid on Call, our number one goal is customer satisfaction! From arriving equipped with our own supplies to leaving your home spotless after each and every visit, we make cleaning as hassle-free as possible! Maid On Call Cleaning team supplies few tricks of the trade we’ve learned along the way.
Most of our products are environmentally friendly; however, we can also use conventional cleaners if the situation requires it.
While many services provide cleaning supplies and tools with their service, we don’t believe in that methodology. We believe each home should have its own unique set of tools and products that best suit it. We also firmly believe that when a cleaning tool is used in your home that’s where it should stay! Therefore, we require our regular clients to keep cleaning tools and products at home which we can easily monitor and replenish for your convenience. For our regular clients, we make cleaning products and tools hands-off for you. We will always alert you when something is running low and offer to replenish it for you at your next scheduled visit. We recommend our top selections to you – we’ve tested them all and know which work the very best.
Having the proper tools and products allows for the most efficient use of time and the very best quality of service. Our affordable staff always arrives on time and ready to go. Besides punctuality and excellent work ethic, our maids don’t shy away from cleaning up those hard to reach spaces, even moving light furniture to get into those hidden nooks and crannies when necessary. If you’re looking for premium residential cleaning services in Ottawa and surrounding areas, Maid on Call brings superior value of cleanliness to your home with every visit. Whatever the size of your home, the severity of the cleaning required or the time you need it by, we are up to the task!
Guarantee of Cleaning Service – Maid on Call strives to provide quality service and exceptional value to each customer. All work is to be completed to your satisfaction. Call Maid on Call today 613-618-0969 and arrange for a free no obligation in home estimate of your individual cleaning service needs.